Monday, July 22, 2013

UFC 9: A Fight About Nothing

Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock (Photo credit: Yahoo! Sports)

UFC 9: Motor City Madness - May 17, 1996 - Detroit - Cobo Arena

UFC 9 featured a grudge match between UFC Superfight Champion Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn, who got a huge ovation from his hometown fans at the Cobo Arena.

Severn told Jeff Blatnick “nothing really clicked” in his first fight with Shamrock at UFC 6. He said he would be more patient and look for an opening. Trust me: he really meant this from the bottom of his heart.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson spoke with Shamrock, who said the fight would be a good chess match. Well, most of the fight looked like a chess match played by toddlers who don’t know how the pieces work.

Don’t skip ahead to the main event, now! We have five other bouts on tap first. The UFC scrapped the tournament format for the first time, although it came right back for UFC 10.

Before the PPV, Steve Neimark beat Tai Bowden when the doctor stopped the fight at 7:25.