Monday, February 17, 2014

UFC 13: Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture Debut

Tito Ortiz (

UFC 13: The Ultimate Force - May 30, 1997 - Augusta (Ga.) Civic Center

UFC 13 saw the company fall off most of the country’s pay-per-view radar, as anti-UFC political forces led to a smaller audience than usual for the show.

However, the debuts of Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture set the stage for a bright future.

UFC 13 featured four-man heavyweight and light heavyweight tournaments, along with a superfight between Brazilian phenom Vitor Belfort and brawling anti-hero Tank Abbott.

Ortiz opened the show by smashing Wes Albritton for a successful UFC debut in just 31 seconds. This was the alternate bout for the light heavyweight tournament.
After the fight, Ortiz told Joe Rogan that he knew he would “blow through” Albritton. Here’s the interview.

In the heavyweight alternate fight, hometown boy Jack “The Ripper” Nilson beat Saeed Hosseini by TKO in 1:23.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96: The First PPV Era Ends

Tank Abbott (Photo:

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96 - Dec. 7, 1996 - Fair Park Arena - Birmingham, Ala.

“Ultimate” means “final,” so it’s only fitting that UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96 was the final show before political pressure knocked the UFC off many pay-per-view outlets.

Mark Coleman had won the previous two shows, UFC 10 and UFC 11, but he was unable to compete due to illness. Also, this show featured the final UFC fights for Ken Shamrock and Don Frye before they entered the world of pro wrestling.

The alternate fights were Mark Hall over Felix Mitchell by TKO, Tai Bowden over Jack Nilson by submission to headbutts, and Steve Nelmark over Mark "The Grasshopper" Bossett by submission to a choke.

Manny Garcia is our ring announcer,and John McCarthy is the referee. 

In the quarterfinals, Don Frye defeated Gary Goodridge in a rematch of their battle at UFC 8. Goodridge tapped out due to fatigue at 11:20.